Life Journey Education

Website Redesign

*Work in Progress*

I was hired to help redesign the entire English website for the education agency start-up, Life Journey Education.

Their original website was built in Wordpress, and had an older looking design, so they wanted it to look more professional and modern.

As an intern, I worked with the Wordpress theme they had chosen. I taught myself how to use Wordpress and WP Bakery in a few days.


- Outdated and incohesive design

- No set colour palette

- Different fonts were used in images

- Some of the copy was still in Japanese

- Certain pages were no longer needed


- Create a more cohesive design for all pages with similar elements, animations, fonts, colours

- Create a clearer summary of the company on the landing page

- Change all copy to English, adding marketable phrases

- Remove unneeded pages

Progress so far:


Unneeded pages were removed and a testimonial page was added.


I recreated their logos in Adobe Illustrator as vectors, to have more flexibility in their use on social media posts, presentations, and documents. I made a black and a white version.

Visual Branding

A colour palette for the website was chosen to match their logo. It was kept simple with mostly blues that could contrast in combination with each other, and a green for CTA buttons and attention. Oxygen is a sans-serif font that is optimized for the FreeType font rendering system and works well in all graphical user interfaces, desktops and devices.

The medium blue is overlaid on images that will have the parallax effect, in order to better relate the image to the website design and to contrast well against white text.

Old Layout

Below are screenshots of the original Japanese version of the website, which is similar to what the English version used to look like. I have already made significant changes to the landing page, to create more visual cohesion and a more modern style.

Custom Illustrations and Photo Edits

Using Format