About Me

Hi! I'm Sam. An illustrator and designer who loves telling stories and educating through my work.

I currently work as a full-time Illustrator for CanPrev (includes the brands Orange Naturals, Innovite, and Cyto-Matrix).

Notable achievements include illustrating a children's book with Annick Press, which was a 2020 EUREKA! Nonfiction Children’s Book Award Honoree, elevating the brand and online presence of a start-up, and increasing the marketing potential of a manufacturing company by creating different marketing collateral.

I’m an illustrator and designer currently based around the Toronto area. Food and culture lover, you can usually find me daydreaming about my next trip to another country.  …Or looking up new plants to add to my collection.

I love telling stories through my illustration work, and I tend to use lots of colour whenever I can. Keeping design, shape and space in mind is a large part of my process. 

Besides illustration, I have experience creating many different kinds of designs, for both print and digital: logos, social media posts, business cards, website design, infographics, presentations, etc. With a "whatever it takes" attitude, learning new things is what I do best, and I like wearing many hats.

I’d love to talk to you about any project or opportunity you think I would be a good fit for.

Email: samdixonstudio@gmail.com

Worked with:

CanPrev - Illustrator

Annick Press - Running Wild: Awesome Animals in Motion

Life Journey Education - Web/Graphic Designer

EHC Global - Marketing Assistant

StreetARToronto - Scarlett Road Cycle Track Barrier Wraps

Sandy Dale (author) - Amazon E-Book We Wear Masks


BA of Illustration - Sheridan College

User Experience Design - Bitmaker GA

Fine Arts - Durham College

Things that inspire me:


Cool/weird animals

Retro Sci-fi/Futurism

New discoveries in science

Kids’ books

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